KSI says he won’t fight Alex Wassabi after boxing match fell through

Alex Wassabi says KSI wont take another boxing match with himYouTube: JJ Olatunji, THE BREAKDOWN

YouTuber Alex Wassabi says that rival influencer KSI won’t accept another fight with him after their 2022 boxing match fell through due to an injury.

British YouTuber, rapper, and boxer KSI was slated to face off with American influencer Alex Wassabi earlier this year.

However, Wassabi pulled out of their match mere weeks before fight night due to a serious injury he incurred while sparring. This prompted KSI to pick a backup opponent in British rapper Swarmz… as well as another opponent in Mexican pro boxer Luis Pineda.

In the end, Wassabi’s injury sparked a first in the history of influencer boxing, with KSI taking two fights in one night — both of which he won.

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Despite the drama, Wassabi claims that he’s game to face off with KSI again, but says his British rival isn’t interested after their bout fell through.

In an interview with THE BREAKDOWN, Wassabi claimed that he was speaking with KSI when he brought up the subject of another fight with the YouTuber.

“I am definitely down to circle back to it,” Wassabi said of the possibility. “We exchanged on Twitter and I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll see you back in the ring one day,’ and he was like, ‘Nope, you lost [your chance].'”

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That being said, Wassabi is still game to set things right, should KSI ever need another replacement — but for now, it’s not looking likely that we’ll see these two touch gloves in the future.

Wassabi vs KSI was intended as a grudge match after the American defeated KSI’s little bro, Deji, in a boxing match back in March. KSI was notably very tough on his brother due to the loss, sparking some back-and-forth between him and Wassabi, who didn’t take kindly to KSI’s comments.

For now, KSI is gearing up for his match against Dillon Danis coming up on January 14.

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