KSI responds to Jake Paul claims he would reject boxing match after offer to replace Alex Wassabi

Lawrence Scotti
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According to a new report, Alex Wassabi is backing out of his fight versus KSI and now Jake Paul is offering to fight the British YouTuber in his place.

KSI vs. Alex Wassabi has been one of the most hyped influencer boxing fights of the year.

Although the fight is planned to go down August 27, according to an insider, Wassabi might have to bow out of the fight due to concerns relating to a recent concussion.

The injury could open a door for another boxing influencer looking for a bout himself: Jake Paul.

Jake Paul talking to camera in white shirt with red background and lights
Jake Paul is offering to fight KSI now that Alex Wassabi might back out.

Jake Paul delivers fight offer to KSI

The rumors of Wassabi’s potential backing out popped up on August 6, leading to Jake to make a public offering to KSI to be the replacement fighter.

Paul said, “KSI… everything happens for a reason. I’ll come to fight in your hometown. Your boxing company. You are A-Side. I also agree to make 180 pounds for August 27. You accept?”

Jake continued to publicly poke fun at KSI and said, “Prediction of reply from KSI: I accept, haha, I will f*ck up Jake Paul, haha. He needs me, haha. But, my team told me I should wait to make this a big event. Blah blah blah.”

Paul even uploaded a poll asking his followers if they think KSI will accept the fight if they both agree to be 180 pounds in London on August 27.

In response to Jake, KSI revealed on Twitter that he had contracted another fighter just in case something like this happened.

“What you didn’t know is that we actually contracted another fighter in case you guys pulled something like this,” KSI told Paul.

“We will fight on my terms and when we do, it’ll be done on the biggest stage,” he continued. “I’m talking Wembley stadium fam. With a full camp tailored just for you and I, so that there are no excuses when we fight. None of this short notice s**t.”

So, while a fight between Jake Paul and KSI could happen eventually, it doesn’t seem like it will be happening as soon as August 27.