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KSI reveals beef with Deji has taken a surprising turn

Published: 1/Dec/2018 23:30 Updated: 1/Dec/2018 23:36

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji is currently feuding with little brother and fellow YouTuber Deji, after he leaked KSI’s personal bank records during a diss track video toward Sidemen member ‘Randolph.’

KSI took issue with this move during his own reaction video to the track, claiming that he was upset at both Deji and his own parents due to the publication of his financials. However, that wasn’t the only scandal to come out of the situation; Deji also claimed that KSI had gotten a girl pregnant, insinuating that he had even aborted the child.

Since then, KSI has blocked Deji on Twitter and Instagram – and now, things have taken an even more dramatic turn.


YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem reached out to the brothers for comment on the situation in an episode of Drama Alert on December 1, wherein KSI revealed that he had completely stepped away from his family due to the debacle.

“I offered counseling, but they refuse,” KSI wrote to KEEMSTAR. “So, it’s one of those things where I just have to bounce for a bit, let the dust settle, and try again later.”

KSI went on to admit that everything Randolph had rapped about in his own diss track toward Deji had been based on “his experience” with his little brother, going on to claim that he had “no part” in their feud.


Deji appeared to take KSI’s actions very seriously, telling KEEMSTAR that KSI has “taken his friends over his own family.”

KEEMSTAR went on to confirm that the beef between the two is 100% authentic. With serious claims like that against each other, it’s no surprise that the brothers are taking a second to cool down.