KSI mocks Speed for crying after Ronaldo World Cup elimination


Following Portugal’s elimination from the World Cup, Speed was in tears and saying that “it’s over” for Ronaldo. KSI put out a tweet mocking Speed after the loss.

The 2022 World Cup has had its fair share of upsets. From Japan taking down Germany early on in the tournament to Croatia beating Brazil, it’s been near-impossible to predict who will win in the end.

Portugal has a rich history when it comes to football, with Cristiano Ronaldo being a superstar footballer famous the world ’round.

IShowSpeed was really rooting for the Portuguese player to come through and take it home for what could be his final World Cup appearance, but they were ultimately felled by Morocco. KSI took the opportunity to mock Speed following the loss.

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KSI mocks Speed following Ronaldo World Cup elimination

IShowSpeed’s journey to Qatar started with heartbreak. Seeing Ronaldo on the bench in one of Portugal’s previous matches wasn’t a decision Speed was a fan of, something he expressed during his livestream at the event. Thankfully for the streamer, he eventually got to see Ronaldo on the field.

Things wouldn’t get much better from there, with Portugal losing 0-1 to Morocco. Speed’s reaction in the moment of their loss was captured. The streamer was in hysterics.

KSI tweeted a picture of Speed with snot dripping out of his nose, captioned “LMAO. So much for your bet”.

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Speed couldn’t handle his idol getting knocked out. “It’s his last World Cup, he’s not coming back! He’s 37! He’s not coming back!”

Ronaldo didn’t take the loss well, either, with footage of the prolific footballer in tears on his way out of the arena.

This follows a variety of controversial events for IShowSpeed, including a stream featuring a Cristiano Ronaldo look-alike and backlash for comments toward a fan during the World Cup.