IShowSpeed bans viewers who accused him of promoting a crypto “scam” on stream

Ishowspeed calls out critics over alleged crypto scamYouTube: IShowSpeed

YouTube star ‘IShowSpeed’ asked moderators to ban critics in his chat during a giveaway stream where he promoted a controversial cryptocurrency, while concerned commenters dubbed the crypto a “scam.”

IShowSpeed is one of YouTube’s most popular streamers. Boasting over 13 million subscribers, the young influencer has made a huge splash in the world of online entertainment and dominates viewership against the likes of Ludwig, Dr Disrespect, and more.

Speed is a well-loved creator, best known for his wild shenanigans (like the time he lit a firework in his room, resulting in firefighters being called to his home) as well as his over-the-top reactions on stream.

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However, the YouTuber is coming under fire from his own fanbase after they accused him of promoting a crypto “scam” during a recent broadcast.

IShowSpeed Instagram copyInstagram: ishowspeed

On November 16, Speed went live with a hoard of PS5s stacked in the corner of his streaming room for a giveaway. However, fans also noticed that he was promoting the ‘Paradox Metaverse,’ which is an open-world, action-adventure game that users can play to earn a crypto currency called ‘Paradox Coin.’

IShowSpeed criticized for promoting “crypto scam”

Commenters instantly called out this promotion in Speed’s chat during the stream — in which he also featured a Cristano Ronaldo lookalike. Speed wasn’t too happy with the criticism and asked his mods to remove his critics from the chat.

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“Mods, do something, ’cause I’m really getting pissed off, bro,” an angry Speed asked. “Chill the f**k out bro, seriously, dog, ’cause y’all are really getting on my nerves, bro.”

“The fact that y’all would ever even think of me like that,” he continued. “I don’t even know if y’all are trolls or not, but the fact that you guys would ever think of me like that is kinda f*cked up. It’s kinda making my feelings hurt.”

Although chat replay is not available for the VOD, the comments beneath Speed’s video of the broadcast are filled with copypastas calling him out for pushing the crypto currency, as well as genuine pleas from fans for the influencer to put a stop to the ordeal.

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Ishowspeed crypto commentsYouTube: IShowSpeed

For now, Speed has yet to comment further on the subject at the time of writing.

This latest incident follows Sky Sports suddenly deleting all videos of their interview with Speed ahead of Manchester United’s game against Fulham, citing concerns over his past comments.