KSI & Logan Paul react after JiDion tricks Gatorade staff into drinking Prime


KSI and Logan Paul have reacted to JiDion’s latest stunt tricking Gatorade staff into drinking Prime Hydration.

After the two former rivals KSI and Logan Paul came together as business partners, Prime has been absolutely flying off the shelves since its release. It’s fair to say nobody expected Prime to be where it is a year on — and it continues to reach new heights constantly.

Among being the official sports drink of the UFC and Arsenal football club, the beverage will even have its own Super Bowl commercial this year, making the two YouTube stars the first to advertise during the event.

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Fans have also certainly played their part in promoting Prime — with some even going to lengths to catch the attention of the two YouTubers.

Similarly, Jidion, who was announced as the first ‘Prime Squad’ member in June, has played his part in promoting the Prime drinks. In his most recent video, he’s even tricked Gatorade staff into tasting the hydration drink.

JiDion tricks Gatorade staff into drinking Prime

After a three-month hiatus, JiDion returned to YouTube on February 3 with a new video tricking Gatorade staff into tasting their rival’s drink.

It’s fair to say that the employees absolutely loved the ‘new flavors’ JiDion brought for them — which were in fact Prime disguised in Gatorade bottles.

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After sneaking into the headquarters, JiDion FaceTimed KSI to tell him about the stunt he pulled, which left the Brit absolutely speechless.

Once the video was uploaded, the two Prime co-founders had a few additional words to say. “Jidion is a MENACE,” Logan tweeted, with KSI adding: “The king is back.”

Although releasing at the start of 2022, many fans are still yet to get their hands on the drink. However, KSI and Logan are trying to keep up with the demand.