Logan Paul sparks backlash after bragging he can beat Floyd Mayweather

YouTube: Logan Paul / REVOLT TV

YouTube star-turned-professional boxer Logan Paul seems to have bitten off more than he can chew after bragging that he could beat the one and only Floyd Mayweather in a street fight.

It’s no secret that the Paul brothers are prone to getting into beef with high-profile celebrities; from Jake Paul’s feuds with Soulja Boy and Chris Brown to Logan’s argument with G-Eazy, these two seem like firecrackers ready to pop off at any moment.

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Combined with their boxing history, it also comes as little surprise that the brothers are raring to throw down in the ring, octagon, or even the street, as told by Logan during a paparazzi interview in mid-November.

After being caught out by cameras at night, Paul began to speak on his potential boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, which was teased (but never confirmed) in September.

Logan Paul poses in boxing gear.Instagram: Logan Paul
YouTube star Logan Paul has sparked backlash after making some mighty claims about his potential bout with Floyd Mayweather.

“If I caught Floyd in a real fight — street fight? Whoop his a**,” Paul claimed. “No question. MMA? Octagon? Whoop his a**. The only place I think Floyd is safe is obviously the boxing ring, but to be honest, I don’t give a f**k.”

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“If I caught Floyd with one punch, I would snap this f**ker in half,” he continued, drawing some exclamations from the crowd. “I’m eight inches taller. I’m 40 pounds heavier. I’m half his age. I’m two times as hungry, and ten times as smart.”

“Bro, think about it — he’s got everything to lose,” he added. “I got nothing to lose. That’s it. Mr Money wants a money fight? Let’s f**king go.”

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Paul later uploaded the interview clip to his Instagram page, where he tagged Mayweather in the caption.

While it seems like Paul’s confidence is sky-high, his fanbase isn’t taking the interview all too well, with many commenters bringing up Paul’s loss to fellow YouTuber KSI in their split-decision bout from 2019.

“You gotta be joking bro, right?” one viewer wrote.

“You couldn’t even crack KSI,” yet another said.

Commenters decry Logan Paul's bragging comments about Floyd Mayweather.Instagram: Logan Paul / Twitter: defnoodles
Commenters and critics were quick to point out Logan Paul’s loss to KSI in 2019.

Despise the backlash, Paul has ever been an influencer to fly in the faces of his haters’ expectations, having made an unprecedented comeback in his career since the incident from 2018.

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The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight is still up in the air — but considering Paul’s scathing comments, there’s no telling what will go down in the future.

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