KSI explains why Jake Paul could win boxing match against Nate Robinson

Virginia Glaze
KSI talks to the camera while Jake Paul poses with his boxing crew.

[jwplayer mgzBNoPb]YouTube star Jake Paul is set to face off against former NBA player Nate Robinson on September 12 — but in spite of Robinson’s status as a star athlete, rival influencer KSI thinks Paul might have the drop on the pro baller.

Jake Paul has been teasing a match with KSI for some time now, but it looks like their proposed bout is taking the backseat to Paul’s upcoming fight against former NBA point guard Nate Robinson.

With the match taking place on the undercard of arguably the biggest boxing event this year — Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. — it’s easy to see how this is a huge moment for YouTube athletes, but KSI feels it could be even bigger than fans already anticipate.


In fact, KSI predicts a win for Jake Paul, expressing dismay about his potential victory during a July 27 video, where he watched footage of Robinson’s mit work.

“Mans is five foot nine and can do a madness!” KSI said of Paul’s opponent. “But when it comes to boxing, I just don’t see it! …with pads, anyone can look good on pads. The best way to see how good of a fighter someone is, is through an actual fight!”

“I’m looking at this man, and I’m just… I’m not impressed,” he continued as he watched footage of Robinson hitting the pads. “He just looks stiff, fam. He’s not rotating the body, it’s just… oh, man. Jake’s gonna f**ing win this. Jake’s gonna f**king win this, and this is gonna boost his ego even more.”

However, a win for Jake could spell good news for his potential fight with KSI, as the British YouTuber claimed that, should he lose, all hype for their bout would be equally destitute.

“If Jake loses, this just deads our fight,” he laughed. “Like, it kills the hype and everything. I don’t know why he’s decided to do this. If he wins, then yeah, this is gonna hype up our fight even more.”

KSI isn’t the only one predicting a victory for Paul, either; his former boxing coach, Viddal Riley, likewise feels that he has the win in hand.

Despite predictions, only time will tell how Jake will fare against an NBA superstar in the ring — but considering his near-constant boxing practice, it’s safe to say the Team 10 founder is in peak fighting shape.