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Erika Costell and Tana Mongeau apologize for “insensitive” party video

Published: 27/Jul/2020 13:03

by Jacob Hale


Popular YouTube stars Erika Costell and Tana Mongeau have come out with apologies after a party video of them saying they “don’t care” at a party was deemed insensitive.

A number of high profile YouTubers, TikTok stars and other online personalities have been called out in recent weeks for ignoring guideline measures as set out due to the ongoing global health situation.

Tana and Erika are the latest to come under fire after a video of them at a party saw them yelling that they “don’t care” — seemingly about the guidelines set out to help save lives and maintain good health as much as possible.

The pair have now come out shortly after to issue apologies for their action — but have denied allegations that it is in relation to the health crisis, instead saying they were referring to some drama that occurred between the two in the past.

Erika was the first to apologize, with a tweet posted late on July 26, saying that she “understands that this came off as offensive during this time.”

She then added that it was “insensitive, careless and stupid for me to even be at a party during this,” apologizing to anyone she let down or upset and taking accountability for her actions.

Just a few hour after, Tana posted an apology to her Instagram story, saying that attending a party during this time was “careless and irresponsible.”

She also said that she wants to “fully apologize and be better than this,” adding that she “needs to be a better example and person.”

Tana Mongeau apologizes for party with Erika Costell
Instagram: tanamongeau
Tana apologized for her irresponsible actions.

Naturally, many were still upset about Tana and Erika’s actions, including YouTuber Mac Kahey who said that they need to “do better” and that “a simple note app apology doesn’t erase the damage.”

It seems as though Costell and Mongeau have both learned their lesson and won’t be looking to make mistakes like this again. That said, it’s not clear how much longer this health crisis will be ongoing — so there may be a few missed parties yet.


Addison Rae deletes lovey-dovey TikTok showing her simp for Bryce Hall

Published: 30/Nov/2020 0:49

by Theo Salaun


Addison Rae’s massive fan club took notice after she posted a very, very affectionate TikTok about her boo, Bryce Hall, and then quickly deleted it from the app.

With great power comes great responsibility; in TikTok terms, 70.4 million followers comes with difficult content decisions. Rae enjoys such a large following and, as such, it’s no surprise that she’s faced with tough choices about what to post and what not to post. 

Oh, and sometimes, what to post, then decide not to post, and delete. But with so many followers, some obviously noticed when she posted and then quickly made the decision to delete a video showing how much she’s into her current boy.

Addison and her beau, Bryce Hall, became official in recent months after a long period of on-and-off speculation. But, nonetheless, it appears that the TikTok starlet does not want to be perceived as too head over heels for her muscled partner.


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In a since-deleted video, the TikTok star quotes a song saying “oh no, I hope I don’t fall,” which then cuts off into a seemingly romantic, slow guitar instrumental. At that point, shirtless Bryce makes an appearance, and…that just might be too much for his girl to handle.

With guitars strumming in the background, Hall turns to the camera and shows off a toned physique. Then, Addison completes the video by smiling widely and sticking her tongue out. It’s like she just saw an angel and is absolutely giddy about it.

Of course, fans quickly saved the video and shared it to ‘tiktokroom,’ where you can now enjoy the lovebirds in all their glory.

The video’s sound originates from a Tyler the Creator clip in which he says “oh no, I hope I don’t fall” before jokingly slipping down a set of carpeted stairs. But the suggestion here is likely more along the lines of “oh no, I hope I don’t fall in love.”

While Addison might be undecided about letting her fans see any simp behavior, the overwhelming response has been that the couple is adorable. That’s not too surprising though, it’s no secret that her fans have always been big supporters of ‘Braddison.’