PewDiePie reveals the secret to his successful relationship with Marzia

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pewdiepie and marzia with their dogs

[jwplayer IX7jLp7f]During his July 27 upload, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg opened up about his relationship with his wife Marzia. He revealed why he thinks they were successful after reacting to a dating coach who made a video about them. 

PewDiePie has been the face of YouTube over the last decade, as he went from his humble Swedish roots in 2010 to becoming the platform’s most popular individual content creator with over 106 million subscribers.

During his latest upload, the star decided to watch dating coach Anthony Recenello’s take on his relationship with his wife Marzia. Reacting to it, the Swede gave his own tips to viewers on how to meet the right person.

pewdiepie reacting to dating coach
The Swedish YouTuber reacted to a dating coach during his July 27 upload.

PewDiePie reveals success to relationship with Marzia

In May, dating coach Anthony Recenello made a video on PewDiePie and his wife Marzia where he gave his analysis of their relationship. Reacting to it on July 27, Pewds agreed that it’s better to meet someone who has a lifestyle you are comfortable with.

“He has a good point, especially when I was younger I was like never a party guy, but I kind of felt like I had to be to meet girls. So I was like “I love to party!” … You pretend you’re someone else, but it’s not gonna be a long-lasting relationship doing that,” he said.

However, he disagreed with Recenello about having a lot in common with Marzia when they first met. “I don’t think me and Marzia necessarily shared that many interests when we met. We both loved Japan, but that is something we found we loved together. We love our pugs, but I didn’t used to love pugs. She introduced me to that,” he continued.

PewDiePie then gave his viewers tips for dating based on his relationship with Marzia. “I think the biggest tip I can give from me and Marzia’s relationship is just being honest with each other 100%. Talk to each other.” He then laughed, “Yeah I’m not good at giving advice.”

(Topic starts at 12:42.)

The YouTuber was also critical of people who have strict “criteria” when dating. “I keep thinking how stupid it is for people to have these criterias of who they want to meet, because it’s like if you really like someone, you aren’t going to give a f**k about these criteria,” he said.

PewDiePie and Marzia met in 2011, and got married in August 2019. The pair documented the emotional wedding ceremony with an six-minute video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel.

While the 30-year-old content creator didn’t entirely agree with the dating coach’s take on his relationship, the star gave viewers a little insight into why his marriage is so strong.