KSI explains why he’s confident he’d beat Jake Paul in boxing superfight

YouTube: KSI

YouTube star KSI believes he’s got one big reason as to why he’ll beat Jake Pair if the pair ever meet in their long-awaited boxing superfight. 

When KSI and Jake Paul helped spearhead the YouTube boxing revolution back in 2019, it seemed a matter of time before they’d settle their beef in the ring. 

Four years later, though, and the pair haven’t managed to touch gloves just yet. There’s been plenty of talk about a fight happening at Wembley this year, but that could be off the table given that they’ve eyed up a December fight date

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Before they get to that point, the pair are looking to stay active. Jake’s long-awaited fight with Tommy is apparently a “done deal,” while KSI wants to get back on his Misfits cards soon following his win over FaZe Temperrr. 

KSI gives himself big advantage over Jake Paul as fight rumors continue

That win over Temperrr came thanks to a first-round knockout, and it’s part of the reason why KSI believes he’d beat Jake if they ever squared off. 

He highlighted that belief in his aptly named “This Is Why I’ll Beat Jake Paul” video on January 17, where he spoke about his in-ring technique improving to such a high degree. 

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“The technique bro, the technique. Dangerous. It’s dangerous,” he said. “I’ve still got so much more to learn. Big up MVP, talking about Michael ‘Venom’ Page, the only MVP that really counts.

“I know a lot of people are going to be like your technique sucks, blah blah, well f*ck the technique. Let me touch your chin and let’s see if you get up.”

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The Brit has racked up a few KO wins now, so he certainly has the power, but Jake may have the stamina advantage given he’s gone deeper into fights. 

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It will ultimately be an interesting match-up if they ever square off, but fans are still hoping it happens.