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KSI explains why he thinks Logan Paul’s loss has “ruined his legacy”

Published: 26/Nov/2019 2:43

by Isaac McIntyre


Logan Paul may have walked away with potential millions from his headlining clash with fellow YouTube superstar KSI, but his English rival has suggested the split-decision defeat has “forever” cost the American his legacy.

After months of build-up for the fight between the two YouTubers, Paul and KSI finally met in the ring on November 9 at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

In the resulting duel, KSI emerged victorious, thanks in part to a mistake from Paul that docked him points, and sealed the British star’s 55-56/57-54/56-55 split decision win. Their first meeting, nearly two years ago, had ended in a draw.

Now, KSI has lifted the lid on how he feels weeks after the fight, and admitted during his November 25 appearance on the No Jumper podcast that he believes his American rival threw away his whole career’s legacy when he lost.

DAZNKSI defeated Logan Paul with a 55-56/57-54/56-55 split decision.

According to the British rapper, the internet never forgets. Paul may move on to other things on or off YouTube, but wherever he goes he will “always be seen as the guy who lost to KSI,” and that’s something that will stay with him “forever.”

“[Logan] said ‘Oh look at this, we made history, it’s a huge event, biggest ever numbers on DAZN, blah blah blah,’” KSI said, “but I was like ‘You still lost bro,’ and forever, forever and ever, he will always be seen as the guy that lost to KSI.”

“Imagine that. That fucking sucks man, that’s why I trained so hard, fucking hell I trained. I pushed myself to the fucking brink, because I didn’t want to, for the rest of my life, be the guy that lost to Logan Paul. Oh my god man.”

Instagram: KSILogan Paul has to live with his defeat forever, says KSI.

KSI added that he believes that is why there won’t be many other YouTuber vs YouTuber events like KSI vs Logan Paul or its sequel two years later — content creators and rappers are terrified of losing their precious branding.

“Not many people can do what I do, and what I did, I think, because there’s a lot on the line, and it’s risky, very risky… it’s whole legacy risk,” he explained

“Once you lose, it’s like ‘f*ck, where do I go from here?’. It shouldn’t be that important, but it is. Imagine if you lose, you can’t make certain music anymore.

“You can’t be like ‘I f*ck, I’m the best, I don’t take Ls,’ because everyone will be saying ‘Why are you saying you’re the best, but you got f*cked up?’”

“That’s just how it is. A lot of celebrities would stay away from it because they’re afraid their whole legacy would be fucked up from that one moment.”

Instagram: Logan PaulLogan Paul still hasn’t come to terms with his defeat, considering his recent comments.

In the same vein, KSI touched on the fact that after his split decision victory over his American rival his legacy in England has been fired into the heavens, and now he struggles to “even go to the shops” without being congratulated.

“When I walk down the streets of London it’s mad, I literally can’t walk outside for too long otherwise I just get mobbed, and they just swarm,” he said.

“I’m even getting sick of people congratulating me, it’s constant. Even when I went out it was all the time, I never thought I’d be sick of it. Obviously, it’s a good feeling though, and I feel good that I could do my country proud.

“This has helped me a lot with my fanbase too, because I’m a YouTuber you can have a young audience, but because of the boxing, it’s helped me connect to my older audience, and bring them together. It doesn’t feel as weird anymore.”

Instagram: KSIKSI feels like his image has only grown with his victory in Los Angeles.

And after all the glory of the win, and watching Logan Paul effectively put a black mark on his career with the defeat in Los Angeles, KSI could only laugh when thinking about the fact that he was asked if he was interested in a trilogy.

“I was like ‘Bro it’s cause you’ve got nothing left,’ I had brought him back from the depths of hell [with KSI vs Logan Paul 2] and then threw him back again, and in the process, I took everything that I needed from him,” the British star laughed. 

“I literally twisted him out, and threw him back in the bin. It doesn’t make sense for me to fight Logan again, why would I fight Logan again? I was the champion, he had two chances to beat me, and he failed twice.”

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KSI added that if he was ever to get back into the ring again to complete a hat-trick of duels against the American YouTuber, he would have to see Logan Paul “on his knees,” begging to be allowed one more chance at the title.

“If he wants to fight me again, he’s going to have to beg,” KSI explained. 

“I want him to make videos of him begging, being like ‘KSI, I need this fight, I need you to help me, and my career.’ I want him to f*cking beg, and call himself a p*ssy and a b*tch. I can do whatever the f*ck I want, I won. F*ck what he wants.”

So that may put a red line through any chances fans had to see a third edition of the Youtube title fight, considering there’s small chance Paul flagellates himself to the level that KSI wants to see before he’ll accept another rematch.

There also doesn’t look like there’s much chance for Paul to change the result either, despite the defeated star submitting appeal documents to the CSAC, after KSI broke down the fight blow-by-blow to overrule his “idiotic” request.


Jake Paul reveals how much money he made from Nate Robinson fight

Published: 4/Dec/2020 5:34

by Brad Norton


Despite holding a professional record of just two wins and no losses, YouTube sensation Jake Paul is already making more than most professional boxers will ever see in their careers off the back of his Nate Robinson fight.

Jake Paul is still relatively fresh to the sport of boxing. Following a lone amateur win, his first professional bout came at the start of 2020. He’s just closed out the year with another victory. Both pro matchups went his way thanks to two early knockouts against fellow YouTube AnEsonGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson.

He’s barely spent a few minutes inside the ring across both fights, however he’s already taking home a good chunk of change for his efforts. The internet celebrity brings legions of fans with him, contributing to huge Pay Per View sales and even viral trends after the fact.

Rather than a guaranteed figure for his latest scrap, his earnings were dependent on the performance of the PPV as a whole.

As one of the biggest PPV events of the year – reaching over a million buys in the United States alone, according to analyst Dan Rafael – Paul cashed in big-time thanks to his unique contract for the fight. 


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The disclosed purses for both Paul and Robinson were a little off-base, as ESPN’s Mark Raimondi exposed in a December 3 interview with Paul. Initial figures were slim, but Paul assured he was paid “a lot,” even laughing when the topic was brought up.

No exact figure was revealed, though he did provide some staggering insight. “Eight figures” is what Paul walked away at an absolute minimum just for the performance alone. “My deal was built into the backend structure of how well the event performed,” he explained. “The event performed incredibly well.”

Walking away with $10,000,000 at a minimum sure sounds like a lot. This number doesn’t factor in potential sponsorship deals or additional PPV buys that come in after the initial batch. There are also international sales to consider as well.

It’s clear he has no signs of slowing down anytime soon either. “I truly believe I will be the biggest prize fighter in the world,” he added.

Segment begins at 9:57.

“Mike Tyson is co-signing me, he wants to take me under his wing. Why can’t I become the champion of the world?”

Paul has some lofty goals and even “realistic” aspirations of fighting Conor McGregor sometime in the near future. It’s entirely possible these eight-figure paychecks are just the beginning for Paul in his boxing career.