KSI explains why Logan Paul’s appeal to Boxing Commission will backfire

Andy Williams

British YouTube sensation, Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, has slammed Logan Paul’s appeal to the California State Athletic Commission, stating that the American “can’t handle losing.”

On November 17, Paul revealed that he had filed an official appeal to the Commission, due to the two-point deduction given for an illegal blow to the back of the Brit’s head.

Following his split decision victory versus Logan Paul on November 9, KSI has been lapping up the post-fight antics from the American’s camp.

After creating a series of videos in the wake of the fight, Olatunji, also known as JJ, has released nine-minute long video titled: “Logan Paul Is A Sore Loser,” in which he details exactly why he believes the appeal will favor himself. 

KSIOlajidebt (Twitter).KSI filmed the video for ‘Down Like That’ mere days after locking horns with Logan.

Starting out by addressing Logan, KSI prefaced by saying: “You just couldn’t take the L, could you?” Before going on to add: “So, Logan, in this video I’m going to show you why your appeal is going to fall flat!”

JJ analyzed the first three rounds collectively, where he went on to detail how “round one to three was all me.” 

Ending with the third round, the Brit also described how his knockdown from the third round should have counted, in-light of the referee clocking this as Logan slipping. After showing Logan’s reaction immediately post-fight, JJ asked: “So, was it a slip or a knockdown, Logan? You tell me.”

KSI then went on to shed light on Logan’s illegal knockdown. While replaying the stint that saw Logan stripped of two points from his round four score, he dubbed it “dirty and illegal.”

“On top of that, you did even more dirty and illegal moves! You hit me in the back of the head (twice) when I was down,” KSI said. “So can you please tell me why you are trying to appeal the ref’s decision to take away two points from you?”

On top of questioning Paul’s shots, he added: “If I’d have told the ref that I couldn’t continue after being hit in the back of the head (while I was down)… You could have easily just been disqualified!”

KSIOlajidebtHD V2 (YouTube).KSI took the fight by split decision.

JJ conceded round 5, chalking it up to the recovery needed after Logan’s foul play from the previous round. Moreover, he left round 6 “up for debate” since the scrap between the pair left them both at a loose end. 

KSI closed out by ridiculing Logan’s appeal. “You know what would be funny is if the Commission decided to take action and remove your knockdown and include my knockdown,” he said. “Because then I would win by unanimous decision and you would look (like) even more of an idiot.”

Before ending the video, he addressed Logan directly by saying: “You will forever be known as the person that lost to KSI… You are a loser, so accept it.”

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