KSI agrees to fight Dax ahead of Logan Paul rematch

Virginia Glaze

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul are set to touch gloves once more in the net’s most anticipated boxing rematch yet – but there’s one thing KSI has to take care of before setting foot back in the USA.

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Following his initial match with Logan Paul in August 2018, KSI stirred up beef with another YouTuber – rapper Daniel ‘Dax’ Nwosu Jr., specifically, who called out KSI for making fun of him in his videos.

Dax claimed that he would “hop on a plane to London” to rectify the matter, with KSI appearing to be up to the challenge, even offering to pay for Dax’s “flight and accommodation.”

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However, nothing came of their proposed bout until September 2019, after KSI noticed that Dax had set foot into the UK and was being rather quiet about his travel plans.

Dax didn’t let this sentiment go unanswered, making sure to remind KSI that he’d been busy with a slew of music gigs as reasoning for his silence.

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His busy schedule didn’t stop him from proposing a sparring match, though, with the rapper scheduling a bout with KSI for Monday, September 30 – to which KSI happily agreed.

“You performed to 200 people in a 400 capacity venue,” KSI taunted in reply. “They said you were a nice guy though, to be fair. What time Monday?”

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While both Dax and KSI have yet to speak further regarding their proposed bout, their sparring match would mark a potential end to a months-long beef between the two celebrities – but with the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch on the horizon, it likewise interrupts the narrative with a seemingly random spat out of left field.

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Dax wasn’t the only YouTuber KSI called out for being in the UK, either: he likewise called out social media star Alex Wassabi, who was fiending for a fight with KSI prior to his bout with Logan Paul in 2018.

However, it doesn’t look like KSI will ever throw down with this particular content creator: and with less than two months until his fight with Logan Paul, the white-collar boxer is likely putting all his time into practicing for his first-ever pro boxing match.

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