KSI and rapper Dax arrange boxing match during heated argument

KSI, YouTube / Dax, Twitter

Popular YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji and rapper Daniel ‘Dax’ Nwosu Jr. could be set to throw down in the boxing ring, after exchanging a few heated blows over social media.

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While the two YouTubers have a history of beef, their feud took a step further after Dax called out KSI on Twitter, insinuating that he would travel to London to scrap with KSI.

“If KSI says my name in one more video, I’m hopping on a plane to London,” Dax wrote.

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KSI appeared to be up for the challenge, asking if Dax wanted him to pay for his “flight and accomodations” for the trip.

Dax went on to lay out a series of demands, to which KSI responded by requesting that their potential fight take place in a series of six, three-minute rounds.

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Despite the challenge, Dax didn’t back down, and even claimed that he would start training for their fight the following week.

KSI then asked Dax to DM him his passport details – apparently sealing the deal.

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Dax and KSI’s beef isn’t new; Dax appeared on Deji’s diss track toward KSI in 2018, when the brothers were in the midst of a bitter family feud.

While Dax went on to claim that he’d merely used the track as a means to “play” KSI, he later challenged him to a boxing match on Instagram live, prompting KSI to create a video mocking the rapper in early February 2019.

Now their rivalry has come to a head, although it looks like fans will have to wait for more details on their upcoming match – if the two weren’t merely blowing smoke, that is.