KSI admits criticism from fans is “too much” for him

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KSI has claimed that criticism from his fans is “getting too much” for him following his YouTube return after a brief hiatus.

KSI is one of the most popular influencers in the UK. For years, the YouTube star has dominated the platform, all while branching out into other passions such as music and boxing.

In his own words, for years he’s been nonstop grinding, and following his recent fight with Tommy Fury, where he was subsequently handed his first loss, he took a step away from YouTube.

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Finally, on December 1, KSI returned to YouTube with a new upload, where he finally broke his silence on the loss and divulged how he just “didn’t feel like making a video.”

KSI reveals criticism from his Reddit is “a bit too much”

In a recent December 8 SideCast episode, KSI was asked by fellow Sidemen members what he’ll be uploading on YouTube next. The Prime co-founder revealed that he might do a video reacting to his Reddit. However, he explained that right now it’s in “chaos” and “very critical” of him.

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“F**k me, man, the Reddit is chaos right now,” said KSI. “I think it’s full of just a lot of my haters. Full of a lot of like Jake Paul fans.” He added: “There’s also just, I don’t know, like people that are old fans that are now saying I’ve changed and stuff like that. I don’t know, it’s very critical of me.”

While acknowledging that for a while his Reddit making fun of him was a running joke and part of what made his videos, the YouTube star revealed that it no longer feels like a joke.

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“It’s getting to the point where it’s a bit too much,” he confessed. “Now it’s not a joke anymore. Now it’s like okay, this is kind of personal.”

Although with that said, KSI admitted that he just needs to “face the music” — realizing that once he’s reacted to it the “chaos” will calm down.

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