Deji slams Jake Paul for rematch invite, claims he’s “ducking” AnEsonGib

Instagram: Deji/Jake Paul

YouTuber Deji Olatunji, better known as just Deji, has claimed that YouTuber Jake Paul is avoiding a fight with Ali ‘AnEsonGib’ Gib, accusing the American of being “scared”.

Deji is the younger brother of KSI – the popular YouTuber turned pro boxer, who has fought Jake’s older brother, Logan, on two occasions and recently won the second bout.

While Deji lost his fight against Jake Paul when Logan and KSI met for the first time, there has been significant talk of a rematch — but nothing concrete has ever materialized. In his YouTube video uploaded on December 1, Deji called out Jake Paul for “ducking” AnEsonGib. 

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Jake Paul, InstagramInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul celebrated wildly after beating Deji.

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Deji explained that he woke up to a surprise parcel from the younger Paul brother, after which he proceeded to do a live opening. Inside was a message calling Deji a ‘p*ssy’, along with an invitation for a second fight. 

Deji initially laughed at the parcel, before firing back at Jake: “You wanna fight me, but you’re ducking Gib,” he said. “Let’s be honest, you’re scared to fight Gib. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to fight you… But fight Gib first.” 

Timestamp for mobile users: 2:00

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“Fight Gib first, because that’s the fight people wanna see,” he continued. “Then we can actually talk. Me and you – we’ll talk about our rematch.”

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He goes on to call Jake a “f*cking weirdo” and claims that “everyone wants to see” Jake fight Gib. 

AnEsonGib is a popular YouTuber and previously fought on the undercards of KSI versus Joe Weller – where he beat MaxPlays – and the first KSI versus Logan Paul fight – where he beat TGF’s Jay Swingler. 

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Gib has been very vocal in his requests for a fight with Jake Paul, but the American has so far been resistant to the calls. On December 1, Gib tweeted: “Jake Paul ain’t got balls, pass it on.” 

Many fans have criticized the American for not accepting Gib’s invitation for a fight, accusing him of being afraid.

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Jake Paul has previously confirmed that fight negotiations are underway, with the opponent as yet undecided. He claims it will be a precursor to a Jake Paul vs KSI fight, in which he “avenge” his brother. 

Deji finished his video by encouraging his fans to tweet Jake calling him a p*ssy because of his refusal to fight AnEsonGib. 

We will continue to update you on this story as more unfolds.