Korean Twitch streamer freaks out after scratching $1.5M lotto ticket

Michael Gwilliam
korean streamer wins jackpotTwitch/ruruflower

A South Korean Twitch streamer hit the jackpot by winning a whopping 2 billion of local currency during a live broadcast, worth $1.5 million.

The gambling meta on Twitch has proven to be popular, albeit controversial. Streamers such as xQc and Trainwreck have won and lost millions in gambling, resulting in backlash from others on the platform.

While slots have become even more popular than Warzone in recent months, there are plenty of ways to gamble on stream, including scratching away at a good old lotto ticket.

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When streamer ‘ruruflower’ tried her luck at the lottery, she was left absolutely flabbergasted when she not only won, she won big.

Streamer wins the lottery live on Twitch

In a clip going viral on the platform, a teary-eyed ‘ruruflower’ absolutely freaked out when she showed her viewers the ticket she had just scratched.

According to a translation by Korean website Top Star News, the ecstatic streamer was broadcasting from her flower shop when she won the life-changing money.

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“Look at this. What should I do? It’s crazy,” she said. “There were many times when I didn’t get a single donation a day, but it was fun, so I’ve been broadcasting 10 hours a day.”

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Streamer wins lotteryTwitch/ruruflower
Could you imagine winning the lottery on stream?

The clip has been viewed over 100,000 times so far, partly due to its popularity on the LiveStreamFail subreddit.

While some users wondered if it was smart of her to show the ticket on stream out of fear someone might steal her winnings, the fact she’s receiving so much media attention should prevent a thief from cashing out her $1.5M.

It’s not clear what she plans on spending the money on, but given today’s economy, at least she might be able to afford half a tank of gas.

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