Trainwreck laughs off claims he makes ‘only’ $1m a month from Twitch gambling deal

Twitch: TrainwrecksTV

Popular Twitch star Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam has given viewers a hint at the wild amount he’s earning from his partnership with bitcoin casino and sports betting company Stake — and it’s more than you probably think.

Trainwreck is best known on Twitch for his gambling streams, even giving away $1 million to viewers after hitting a major jackpot during one of his streams.

In early January 2022, Train claimed that he’s down almost $13m from gambling, and while that number is truly absurd, it sounds like he might be making that money back from his sponsorships.

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After a viewer suggested that Trainwreck was making $1m a month from Stake, the Twitch star had to correct them and let them know that the number actually far exceeds that.

“I’m not making $1m a month, I’m making much more,” he said. “The f**k you mean $1m a month? That was the first month, buddy. Do you see what I gamble with? I’m confused.”

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How much is Train actually making?

It’s safe to say, then, that Train is making at least double that, based off his reaction, but we could actually work out roughly how much Train has earned (though figures could be off).

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In June 2021, Mizkif revealed that he was offered $35,000 an hour to gamble on Twitch by an unnamed company.

Taking that figure into account, if Train was earning the same for the approximately 270 hours he streamed Slots in January, that would work out to $9.45m. Even if it wasn’t quite that much, anything near that figure is truly lucrative amounts of money.

Suffice to say, $1m a month to stream yourself gambling on Twitch would be hard to say no to for most streamers. Up to almost $10m though? Train will definitely able to break even from that $13m in no time if that’s the case.

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