Korean streamer Hachubby in tears after birthday wishes from Twitch chat

Connor Bennett

Popular Korean Twitch streamer HAChubby was left in tears after her community and her dad sent her emotional birthday messages.

HAChubby’s entertaining streams, be it at home or on the go, have seen her soar up Twitch’s popularity charts in 2019. The Korean broadcaster has amassed close to 140,000 followers on the platforms, becoming a frequent stop for viewers who browse the Just Chatting section.

While being entertaining, she’s had plenty of emotional moments on stream too – including having fans help her reach a huge donation goal. That fan support was on full show once again as the streamer celebrated her birthday and received a flood of well wishes – prompting another emotional showing from her.

HAchubby, Instagram
The popular Koreanstreamer has barely been on Twitch for a year.

During her November 29 stream, HAchubby was flooded with happy birthday messages from viewers that wished her well on her big day, while also thanking her for the entertainment she’s given fans.

One gift in particular, an online birthday card from a handful of viewers prompted the streamer to break down into tears and relay the thanks back to her viewers. As she spoke through the tears, the streamer thanked her viewers and the Livestream Fail subreddit for assisting with her growth on the platform over the last few months. 

However, the tears weren’t going to dry up anytime soon, as HAchubby later revealed that she received a video and letter from her dad. 

While she seemed slightly composed and not ready to cry, it didn’t take long for her to do so. “Thank you for smiling and growing up bright,” said her dad. “I pray and hope that the rest of HAchubby’s life will live with a strong and bright smile.”

Upon hearing that, the streamer quickly covered her mouth and watched on for the last few emotional lines, before clapping and thanking her dad from sending the letter.

While that may have appeared to be the climax for the streamer’s emotional broadcast, she did carry on for a few more hours, reciveing plenty more messages from her fans. 

As HAchubby is coming up to celebrating a year on Twitch, February 7 to be exact, viewers will undoubtedly be gearing up to support her once again – likely trying to take a step further than her birthday celebrations.

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