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HAchubby breaks down after Twitch chat goes on insane donation spree

Published: 19/Oct/2019 18:44 Updated: 19/Oct/2019 22:37

by Brent Koepp


Popular Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby was left in tears after her chat suddenly started donating to her for an hour straight, resulting in an insane amount of cash.

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HAchubby is one of the breakout Twitch stars of 2019, as her popularity exploded from June to October with her gaining over 100,000 followers. The lovable Korean personality has connected with her audience with her journey to learn Western culture and embrace memes.

However, the streamer was left in tears during her October 18 broadcast after her chat decided to pull together and show how much they love her when they donated to her non-stop for over an hour.


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A piano fund kicked it all off

Before she was the pink haired charming streamer on Twitch, HAchubby was actually an incredibly talented musician. She played piano at a professional level, and used to record cover songs for Twitch and YouTube.

When the Korean mentioned to her chat that she would eventually like to buy a piano to play again, a single donation stating it was for her ‘piano fund’ sparked a chain of donations leaving her speechless.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, before screaming when someone tipped a large amount. The streamer covered her mouth and sat there stunned as the donations continued to pour in.


(Mobile viewers, click here for the clip.)

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The initial charitable spirit from her fans quickly became infectious and spread as her entire chat continued to donate non-stop, using the moment to let the streamer know how much they loved her.

“I don’t know if this is even real? I can’t believe!” she stated, lost for words as her chat continued to send money for over thirty minutes straight at this point. The Korean streamer then put her head in her hands and broke down crying.

(Mobile viewers, click here for the clip.)

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HAchubby’s heartfelt thanks

Donations continued to pour in for over an hour when HAchubby was able to gather her thoughts, and wrote out a lengthy thank you letter to her fans using a Korean to English translator.

“I’ll do my best. Thank you all for helping me. You made a miracle. I’m not a big streamer. I’m a streamer that lacks a lot of things,” she wrote, before continuing. “Even though we live far away, it’s amazing to feel the same way. Despite my bad English, people told me they were happy because of me.”

(Mobile viewers, click here for the clip.)


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After all was said and done, the donation marathon pushed over an hour long as her fans went into a frenzy to tip whatever they could to show the Korean personality how much her content means to them.

HAchubby promised that she would make her content even better, and would buy the piano that kicked this all off and give them a music stream. And fans can’t wait to hear it.