Twitch streamer AsianJeff silently roasted by mom after hitting 1 million followers

Theo Burman
Asian Jeff with mom stream

A Twitch streamer celebrating a big milestone brought their mother onto the stream only for her to be extremely unimpressed by the achievement.

Big Twitch milestones have become a large part of streaming culture. Whenever a content creator approaches a big checkpoint, chances are they’ll stream the moment the tracker hits a new record and their instant reaction to it.

Some of these streams have gone over the top, with creators such as IShowSpeed completely destroying their streaming setups just to celebrate the milestone. However, one recent celebration was a little more subdued.

Streamer AsianJeff celebrates massive milestone with mother

AsianJeff, who streams on Twitch and is known primarily for his Fortnite content, summoned his parent to watch as his SocialBlade recorded the final few subs he needed to break one million.

When the follower count finally ticked over one million, the streamer said: “Mum, start crying. One million followers, mum. One million! that’s one million people following me. Are you happy?”

Unmoved by the achievement, his mother instead watched the screen with a deadpan expression, before walking off without much fanfare.

1 million followers is quite a significant number; for context, the top streamer on the platform, Ninja, has almost twenty million followers.

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