Twitch streamer allegedly suspended after mass reports from obsessed fan - Dexerto

Twitch streamer allegedly suspended after mass reports from obsessed fan

Published: 30/Nov/2019 0:55 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 20:51

by Virginia Glaze


A Twitch streamer is begging the platform to reverse his ban after a disgruntled player mass reported him after being denied a game of League of Legends with the broadcaster.

While being a popular Twitch streamer can undoubtedly have its perks, it’s not always a cakewalk, as broadcaster “Ataras” found out in late November.

Although many online personalities boast positive and supportive communities, their fame can come with a price, with obsessive fans stalking, harassing, and even attempting to ruin streamers’ livelihoods based on perceived slights.

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Ataras was the victim of one such obsessed fan, who had a unique (and headache-inducing) way of showing their rage.


Rather than sending mere hate mail, Ataras’ fan created a slew of burner Twitch accounts and mass reported his channel, after allegedly being denied a game of LoL with the broadcaster and later being banned in his chat.

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Ataras posted a series of Discord screenshots from his conversation with the fan, who admitted to the offense and even claimed to have made “a ton” of accounts with “random” names to report him.

That’s not all: the fan even took to his YouTube channel and left threatening comments, writing, “I can do this over and over again,” and, “How does it feel to get banned on Twitch, kid?”


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That wasn’t the end of the drama, either, as Ataras managed to get on a voice call with the fan to try and reason with them – but it didn’t end in a positive compromise.

“I want you to say that you’re not gonna mess with me anymore,” Ataras pleaded. “You’re not gonna report my s*** again.”

“On one condition,” the fan answered. “You gotta play with me.”

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Another conversation with the fan revealed him to be homeschooled, with Ataras begging the fan to receive help for his apparent distress and loneliness. Still, it doesn’t look like the fan is budging – and neither is his ban, as Ataras’ channel is suspended for 14 days in the wake of the drama.


With top streamers like “Sweet Anita” being stalked by obsessive fans, Ataras’ situation marks the latest concerning event in the ongoing struggle of online personalities to retain their privacy in an ever-increasingly social world.