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Korean streamer goes off on stranger who tries to kick her dogs

Published: 25/Jan/2020 17:33

by Daniel Cleary


Korean Twitch streamer ‘Yunicorn19’ went off on a stranger after they tried to kick her dogs during her January 24 IRL stream.

IRL streaming has become extremely popular over recent years but it is not without its risks, as many streamers have been put in tough spots due to the actions of random strangers.

Korean Twitch streamer Yunicorn19 realized just how unpredictable people can be when she ran into someone who was apparently drunk during her late-night walk.

yunicorn19, Twitch
Yuni confronted a stranger who tried to kick her dogs on stream.

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As part of her January 24 IRL broadcast, the Twitch streamer decided to take her dogs for a walk around the streets amid celebrations of the Lunar New Year.


Unfortunately for Yuni, while she was out walking she passed by a stranger who viewers believed to be drunk, and one of her dogs began to bark at him while they passed.

Although there was quite a considerable distance between the man and the streamer, he still seemed to be upset by the dogs and looked to call her back to confront her.

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Viewers later translated the video and claimed that he had issued threats towards the streamer’s pets and was insulting her with vulgar language during the exchange.

After approaching the streamer, the random stranger supposedly lashed out at the dogs and attempted to kick them.


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This led to Yunicorn19 approaching the man, attempting to get right up in his face to confront him before being restrained by her friend who was with her at the time.

It appeared as if the dogs seemed to escape the situation without injury, thankfully, and many viewers applauded the streamer for her courage in confronting the stranger.