Kids dress up as grandmas to get alcohol in ridiculous TikTok prank

Michael Gwilliam

[jwplayer ksH6zuKH]Teenagers are using mandatory mask policies as a way to illegally purchase booze in a new TikTok prank phenomenon.

With the drinking age being 21 in the United States and 19 in Canadian provinces, teenagers looking to acquire booze have found a solution, thanks to face coverings.

By dressing up as elderly grandmothers with the help of Halloween masks, plus the addition of standard medical masks, store employees can have a hard time distinguishing if the outfit is real.

Plus, it’s very unlikely that staff at a store would ask someone who appears to be a grandmother for their ID.

While some videos have since been taken down or privatized, the most popular clip highlighting this trend comes from user ‘claare__18,’ who showcases her friend dressed in a fully granny getup.

“Granny be looking a little different here!” she captioned along with some beer mug emojis.

In the clip, the friend wears stereotypical grandmother attire with a headscarf and sweater alongside the masks. After going to a 7-Eleven in the costume, she’s able to go and acquire alcohol.

It’s not just the elderly masks that are being used, either; even standard face masks are being used in combination with fake IDs to purchase alcohol.

In a “PSA” uploaded by aamandaward, the user explained that teens could use their fake IDS “as much as possible,” because if you wear a mask, people who check IDS can’t see their full face.

Obviously, this trend is quite dangerous – not to mention illegal – so it’s not advised that you try it out for yourself, as it could have some serious consequences.

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