4-year-old shocks her grandma with knives & saws she bought on Amazon Alexa 

Josh Taylor
4-year-old girl amazonChannel 4

Amazon Alexa allowed a four-year-old girl and her six-year-old sister to order dangerous knives, rat poison, and a dangerous saw without their grandma’s knowledge.

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon released their Alexa voice assistant product way back in 2014.

It quickly dominated the market where it has remained as one of the most popular voice assistants often found in various homes.

Nearly a decade on, they have continued to develop their technology and products to enhance the experience.

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However, a brand-new reveal-all documentary focused on potential problems found in Amazon was released on October 18, with an example of the product not working as perhaps intended.

Two young girls aged four and six were shown to be able to bypass any age restrictions by buying a wide range of dangerous products, such as many knives, rat poison, and even a saw with Amazon Alexa.

Young girls ordering items by speaking to Amazon AlexaChannel 4
The two girls in the Channel 4 documentary ordered items by speaking to Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa allows 4-year-old girl to buy knives without age restriction

The presenter Oobah Butler was seen in a segment of the show testing out the interactive assistant. By just using voice alone, customers are able to order products.

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Amazon has safety protocols to prevent underage users from buying such items as alcohol, chemicals, and sharp tools and utensils.

In order to test this out, Butler asked his nieces aged four and six to try ordering a range of age-restricted items using their voices.

Alexa, add stainless steel carpenter knives to my basket,’ the girls said to the device, followed by “buy it now,” when prompted.

two girls opening items from AmazonChannel 4
Opening the items delivered from Amazon

The packages were delivered the next day by the letterbox which shocked their grandma when the two opened a wide range of knives, rat poison, and a saw.

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“This one’s mine,” one of the girls can be heard saying, referring to them as a “sword,” and a “monster which has sharp teeth,” in regards to the saw.

“We purchased 67 items that we believe should have been age-verified,” Butler announced, as one of the girls responded: “It’s a knife party!”

Collection of knives ordered from AmazonChannel 4
A collection of the knives delivered from Amazon

Amazon responds to potential age restriction offences

“For each of these items, three offenses were potentially committed,” Butler announced. This referred to age restrictions not being checked when purchased and when delivered and no signs on the packaging.

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“That could be 201 offenses altogether. So 201 times £5000 suggests that me and my accomplices hit Amazon for around £1,000,000,” he added.

Butler said that Amazon responded that out of the 67 items, only four needed age restrictions, which was then changed.

Their written statement stated: “We take our responsibility to carry out age verification extremely seriously.”

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