Kick trolls Pokimane with ad for streamers to leave Twitch

Shay Robson
Pokimane rolling her eyes while sat at gaming setup

Streaming platform Kick has trolled Twitch star Pokimane in a TikTok advertisement to entice streamers to leave the Amazon-owned platform.

Since the beginning of 2023, we’ve quickly seen the rise of the Stake-backed streaming platform Kick, with many of Twitch’s top talent having signed mega-money deals to jump ship to the new site.

So far, Kick has dealt some massive blows to its rival, with creators such as xQc, Adin Ross, Amouranth, and more signing deals worth millions to join the platform.

However, it’s fair to say not everybody is sold on the site. Among those that have shown distaste towards Kick include Twitch star Pokimane, who claimed after being asked by a fan if she’d join the platform for at least $10 million that she wouldn’t “compromise her morals and ethics” to switch to the site.

Kick trolls Pokimane with ad to attract Twitch users

With the feud between the two platforms raging on, Kick certainly hasn’t been shy in sending shots toward its rival.

Similarly, Kick has even begun poking fun at Pokimane following her criticism of the platform and the creators have signed deals.

As reported by Jake Lucky, Kick is now serving ads on TikTok, which are aimed at getting creators to “Join The Better Streaming Platform.”

The ad shows the iconic Beetlejuice ‘I’m just hanging around’ meme on top of the platform’s directory page, which also has the caption “When Pokimane catches a streamer considering Kick.”

“These Kick Ads are getting out of control. I can’t even browse tik tok in peace,” Jake wrote on Twitter.

It’s fair to say fans of Kick loved the ad, with many praising them for the idea. “Kick marketing team killing it,” said one. “You gotta give them credit, it’s pretty funny,” wrote another.

Despite poking fun a bit of fun at the Twitch star, Kick’s CEO Ed Craven revealed that the platform wanted to actually work with Pokimane — and still does despite her being highly critical of the streaming site.

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