Kick streamers jailed and released in Nepal after offer to marry 15-year-old girl

suspendas and slightly homeless in nepal jailKick: HFKTV

Two livestreamers, known as Suspendas and Slightly Homeless, have been arrested and held by police in Nepal. It is believed that they have been charged after speaking to girls as young as 15 and asking one to marry them.

A number of Kick streamers, also including Ice Poseidon, are currently in Nepal, streaming IRL content.

On May 18, Suspendas and Slightly Homeless spoke to two women while streaming. The girls said they were in grade 10 at school, meaning aged between 15 and 16 years old.

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The clip was shared on the r/Nepal subreddit, with the poster asking people to share the video with the police. Later on in the stream, police could be seen arriving before the camera was cut off.

Ice Posedion then received a text from Suspendas, saying that they had been picked up by the police and were being “taken somewhere.”

Suspendas and Slightly Homeless arrested, then released

Once held in a Nepalese jail, a woman who claimed to be from the US Embassy arrived and began to discuss the situation with the two streamers, giving them their options.

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She said that the police had arrested them after seeing footage of SlightlyHomeless “rapping about inappropriate things” and offering to marry a girl who was underage. Homeless admitted: “I was rapping, I said some things I probably shouldn’t have said.”

The US Embassy official recommended that the pair seek legal advice from a set of available attorneys.

They also advised that at the most extreme, they could have faced up to ten years in prison. An officer advised another streamer who visited the prison that it was likely they would be deported.

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Another Kick streamer, TheRealMoisesB, said that Homeless was set to be deported after calling his parents, and was in tears. Meanwhile, Suspendas was predicted to spend up to 60 days in the Nepalese prison, according to Moises.

However, on a call with Ice Poseidon, Suspendas confirmed that he and the other content creators had all been freed, and that “the whole thing was a big misunderstanding, I guess.”

“Some f*cking bullsh*t happened, but I’m not guilty of anything.”

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Suspendas has previously found himself mired in controversy on Kick, when he was accused of engaging in intercourse in front of a child, sexually assaulting a woman on stream, and for shouting at Japanese people on a train.

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