Kick streamer’s chat instantly exposes questionable Twitter bookmarks to girlfriend

Virginia Glaze

Kick streamer ‘cuffem’ got his relationship rocked after his chat instantly exposed him to his girlfriend when he accidentally showed off his questionable bookmarks on Twitter.

Live streams are some of the best entertainment the internet has to offer. Since they’re broadcasted in real time, viewers are watching everything unfold right when it happens… and sometimes, this can result in popcorn-worthy drama.

From fights breaking out in fast food restaurants to streamers catching police enacting justice at just the right time, live streaming offers a seemingly never-ending amount of amusement. But sometimes, these broadcasts can rival the most popular reality TV series.

Such a moment happened when prominent Kick streamer ‘cuffem’ went live over the weekend in early June — and it sent his love life into a nosedive.

Cuffem’s Kick stream was interrupted when his chat exposed his Twitter bookmarks to his girlfriend.

Cuffem’s Kick chat exposes his Twitter history to girlfriend

Cuffem was live on Kick when he accidentally showed viewers his bookmarks on Twitter. For those out of the loop, users can bookmark posts on Twitter to save them for later… and in this case, cuffem’s bookmarks weren’t exactly wholesome material.

Shocked that he’d accidentally shown explicit material on stream, he quickly navigated back to another page, but the damage was already done.

Just a short while later, his girlfriend approached him during the stream, saying that she was getting DMs from people telling her “creepy stuff” — and eventually, exposing her boyfriend’s Twitter bookmarks.

At first, cuffem tried to save face, acting like he had no idea what she was talking about and even arguing that he “doesn’t even bookmark sh*t on Twitter.”

“Then why is this May 15, and it’s ***?” she asked. “Boy, get the f*ck out of here.”

In another attempt to rectify the situation, cuffem asked his girlfriend to come over and look at his bookmarks for herself — but she accused him of deleting them, leading to an argument between the two that played out for his thousands of followers.

This is far from the first time a streamer has gotten “exposed” for giving their partner the runaround; in 2022, banned Twitch streamer IShowSpeed got an earful from his girlfriend who called him out for purportedly ‘cheating’ on her in a viral broadcast.

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