Kick streamer Jack Doherty responds to leaked OnlyFans video with girlfriend

Michael Gwilliam
kick streamer jack doherty and mckinley richardson

A leaked video showing Kick streamer Jack Doherty with his OnlyFans model girlfriend Mckinley Richardson has spread online, prompting a response from the influencer.

Kick streamer Jack Doherty has gone viral again, this time, however, it’s not for his on-stream antics.

On February 18, a video surfaced showing Doherty and Mckinley Richardson together, intended for the latter’s OnlyFans account. The clips naturally spread like wildfire, with one post discussing the video even generating 38M views on X/Twitter.

Now, both Jack and his girlfriend have responded.

Jack Doherty blasts leaked OnlyFans video

In multiple posts on X, Jack Doherty and Mckinley Richardson commented on accounts that have shared the leak by linking to their own content.

“There’s better vids are on here,” Jack replied to numerous posts with a shrugging emoji and a link to his website.

Many users who saw the video weren’t exactly impressed with the action – something Mckinley appeared to acknowledge in one comment where she even said the leaked video was “weak.”

“The best content is the stuff that’s not leaked,” she said in another message. And in one other, she warned a user that she would be suing them, although the account has since been suspended.

A community note on some of the posts alleges that they are actually undisclosed promotion for their OnlyFans content.

Jack also posted a short clip of him typing away at a computer with the caption “Me trying to take down all the leaks,” further confirming that the video is legitimate.

Despite his criticisms, Doherty has defended his girlfriend in the past, even challenging Andrew Tate to a boxing match for insulting Richardson by calling her a “wh*re.”

This all comes just a fortnight after Drake broke the internet when an alleged video of the rapper half-exposed went viral.

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