Kick streamers attack man for saying “L chat” and start street fight with girls

Michael Gwilliam
kick streamers attack man and woman

A Kick streamer and his friends are facing backlash after they attacked a man and went on to fight with women in the middle of the street.

DonPatrik,’ otherwise known as ‘Norway,’ is one of Kick’s rising names, having partied with Jack Doherty and other big stars – and it seems like his broadcasts are proving to be just as controversial.

On a March 9 stream, Norway and others were filming when a man walked into the frame and yelled out, “L chat,” prompting one of the streamer’s friends to challenge him to a fight.

After using a racial slur and homophobic slur, one of Norway’s friends ran ahead and started hammering the man. As he fell to the concrete, another member of the trio started stomping his head onto the pavement.

“Knocked his ass out, chat!” the bearded friend roared as the camera panned to the victim who had been laid out flat.

Kick streamers fight women in chaotic brawl

Shortly after that incident, a woman who was with the victim got involved, grabbing hold of the instigator.

She, too, ended up being punched and fell to the ground. However, she got up and started chasing after him – all while Norway continued to stream on Kick.

kick streamers partying
A man was attacked after yelling “L chat.”

“What the f**k is going on?” the confused streamer asked.

As clips of the attacks spread on social media, Norway tried to justify the beatdowns, alleging that the people they fought weren’t “randoms.”

“It was horseface girlfriend and gay friend who got me in car crash and stole the pants Jack gave me,” he said. “It was not randoms they pressed me and punched one of us.”

Nonetheless, viewers are calling for there to be consequences for the fight and are urging those who were assaulted to press charges.

Despite the viral conflict, Kick hasn’t taken action or suspended Norway in any capacity as his account remains active on the platform.

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