Twitch streamer catches moment police stop a public flasher

Alice Sjöberg
bigcocobuns catches police confronting streakerbigcocobuns/twitch

A streamer by the name of bigcocobuns captured the moment a public flasher was confronted by police on the streets of San Fransisco, during a Twitch livestream.

You really don’t know what will happen when livestreaming – especially not if you do it from the streets of a busy city, IRL on Twitch.

With some of the most iconic Twitch moments being random, unscripted moments, viewers are always hoping they’ll catch something out of the ordinary.

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Canadian streamer Coco, who goes by bigcocobuns on Twitch, was in the midst of her stream when she caught the encounter between some police officers and a public flasher.

Streamer catches public flasher

The Canadian streamer was a few hours into her stream where she spent a day out or on the streets of San Fransisco when she suddenly heard a police car behind her.

Being on a bike at the time, Coco worried that she’d done something wrong with the bike, and quickly turned to hear what the officers had to say.

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However, the police had turned their attention to a man on the other side of the road who had pulled his pants down, flashing everyone around him.

“Pull your pants up,” the police are heard saying from the car megaphone.

The man quickly pulls his pants up again before saluting the police car. The police car then continued driving away.

“I was scared guys. I thought they were coming from me. Oh he had his pants off? Oh Jesus, I was scared as well because I thought I was doing something illegal bike shit. This guy’s penis was out or something.”

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The chat found the moment hilarious, filled with messages of “omg” and people laughing. Just another day of IRL streaming on Twitch.

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