Fight breaks out in Burger King during Twitch IRL stream

Shay Robson
Twitch streamer gfysik with two men stood behind him in Burger King

A fight broke out inside a Burger King, which was all caught live on camera during a Twitch IRL stream.

IRL streaming has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years, with streamers traveling around the world — bringing their viewers along on the journey.

Regardless, one thing is for certain: There’s absolutely no telling what could happen when IRL streaming on Twitch, with streamers sometimes finding themselves in life-threatening situations.

In the past, we’ve seen streamers be chased, robbed, and even facing terrifying near-death experiences on their adventures.

However, in the case of Swedish Twitch streamer GFysik, a fight randomly broke out right behind his back in a fast-food restaurant, leaving him completely lost for words.

Fight kicks off in Burger King during IRL stream

During the May 28th live stream, the IRL content creator was enjoying his meal in a Burger King before a fight kicked off directly behind him.

A group were repeatedly yelling their friends’ name, before continuing to speak rather loudly in the busy fast-food joint.

It was then that another man stood up from their table, clearly agitated, and stormed over to the boisterous group.

While it’s unclear what words were exchanged due to the language barrier, the frustrated man began to lay hands on one of the noisy individuals, before following up with a slap to the face.

Other customers, who were waiting for their food at the time, stood and watched the scuffle unfold – but thankfully, another man intervened and dragged the disturbed attacker away before the situation escalated any further.

It’s fair to say the fight took a few by surprise, but rather than get involved the streamer just carried on with his day as usual.

This is just the latest fight to take over social media following a viral brawl that broke out during a screening of Disney’s The Little Mermaid over the weekend.

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