Cops arrest Kick streamers as Ice Poseidon lap dance upsets Bangkok restaurant manager

Michael Gwilliam
Ice Poseidon lap dance manager in thailandKick/Ice Poseidon

A restaurant manager in Bangkok, Thailand lost it after spotting Kick streamer Ice Poseidon giving lap dances in the lounge area and he ended up being taken away by police as a result.

Ice Poseidon’s IRL streams have become massive hits with fans, but his first trip to Bangkok with Deepak and Hyubsama ended in disaster when a lounge party got out of hand.

Thailand is known for being a vacation hotspot with beautiful beaches, cheap drinks, great food, and loads of parties, so it came as a shock to Ice Poseidon and his crew when their antics upset the manager of a restaurant they were at.

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During a June 28 Kick broadcast, Ice Poseidon was dressed in lingerie and began giving a lapdance to girlfriend Kimberly when suddenly, the manager walked in and she was furious.

Kick streamer’s lapdance gets him booted from restaurant

Right off the bat, the manager began to scold everyone in the lounge, claiming they were “disrespecting” Thai culture.

“I would like all of you to go to the police station now for doing something like this and disrespecting Thai culture,” she said.

When Ice and the others defended their actions, the manager claimed she saw everything on CCTV footage and warned that the group “cannot do this in Thailand.”

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The manager went on to demand Ice stop filming and everyone hand over their passports, which the streamers seemed to comply with.

Footage from Deepak’s VOD shows that the group was cooperating with the manager while stealthy broadcasting the conversation until the streamer kept getting subscriber notifications, which sent her into a frenzy yet again.

On Discord, Ice Poseidon updated fans, explaining that the hotel wouldn’t let the group leave and they were taken into a van. He further requested that someone call his embassy, claiming he has to write an admission of guilt.

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“Mugshot with pressured admission of guilt and apology,” he wrote. “Guilty of what? No idea. No one telling me what the law was I broke.”

According to Ice Poseidon he will need to return to the police station tomorrow for the cops to complete their investigation, but he currently doesn’t have his passport. His representative, however, says that no laws were broken and he has yet to be charged.

Ice Posiedon updates fans after police detention for lap dance in Thailand

Poseidon later gave fans an update via his Discord channel, saying he’d been released, but will “need to go back in 6 hours with a lawyer.” He also confirmed that “no charges” had been pressed.

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ice-discord-messagesDiscord: Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon posts public apology following Thailand arrest

On June 29, Ice posted a public apology to his Twitter account, where he apologized for the actions that caused his arrest.

“I did not know the severity of the actions that I have caused, and I was just trying to have fun. I’m sorry. We were drunk, we were in a room. I just didn’t understand the severity of what I’ve done.”

Ice Poseidon claims “horrible things” were done to him during Thailand arrest

That’s not all; Ice also provided several other updates to fans via his Discord channel, where he claimed that his girlfriend, Kimberly, was assaulted while he was detained by non-police.

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He also claimed he has “evidence of the other side doing horrible things to be in a vulnerable state.”

Ice also stated that he’s being accused of “distributing ****” as he was streaming with his shirt off during the ordeal.

ice-poseidon-messages-discord-updateDiscord: Ice Poseidon
Ice Poseidon gave fans a series of updates on Discord.

Additionally, the streamer said that Kimberly is “actually facing the most heat,” claiming that authorities deemed that her dress was “showing too much breast” and that it was “too sexual for the public.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens and if Ice Poseidon ends up being forced to leave Thailand much earlier than expected.

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