Ice Poseidon claims criminal charges have been dropped after arrest in Thailand

Shay Robson
Ice Posedion walking through Thailand marketIce Poseidon

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon has claimed that criminal charges have been dropped following his arrest in Thailand after giving his girlfriend a lap dance in a restaurant.

Ice Poseidon is notoriously known within the streaming world for his sometimes wild shenanigans. Notably, he was the first-ever IRL streamer on Twitch and also had absolutely no boundaries when it came to making content.

It all eventually came crashing down in 2017, as he was swatted while on an airplane which landed him a permanent ban from the Amazon-owned platform.

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However, with the recent rise of a new platform, Kick, Ice Poseidon is back streaming in full force.

Ice Poseidon criminal charges dropped after arrest in Thailand

On June 28, the Kick streamer was wearing lingerie in a restaurant, where he gave his girlfriend a lapdance. However, the manager eventually showed up, and had Ice and his friends arrested.

The streamer claimed he’s facing up to five years in Thailand jail, and was forced to pay $12,000 to be released on bail. However, Ice has revealed criminal charges have been dropped, but he could still be stuck in the country until his eventual court date.

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“So I met with my lawyer today. And I have good news,” he wrote in his Discord. “The charges have been dropped on everyone except hyub since I didn’t put him on the lawyer retainer.

“I still have to go to court MAYBE just because of the process but we aren’t getting any jail. My lawyer is meeting with the police to see if they’ll throw case out so I don’t have to wait months until court.”

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He elaborated: “So I have no charges but I still have court.”

Ice Poseidon updated his fans on Discord, revealing charges have been dropped.

While the charges have been dropped, presumably by the restaurant manager, the streamer explained he could still face some jail time. “There’s still a chance we go to jail, but it’s very unlikely without anyone pressing charges on me.

“I’ll stream tomorrow I’m waiting to hear more info back from my lawyers about if the police will just throw it out entirely so I don’t have to go to court,” he said.

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Once the case is done and dusted, the streamer plans on continuing on his travels, heading to Brunei — another country in Asia. “When all this is done and we leave Thailand I was thinking about going to Brunei”

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