Ice Poseidon allowed to leave Thailand after facing jail time for giving lap dance

Jeremy Gan

Ice Poseidon is finally allowed to leave Thailand after being arrested and charged with “distribution of obscene content”. 

On June 28 Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino and a group of fellow Kick streamers were arrested in their hotel in Bangkok as their lounge party got out of hand. The manager booted the entourage from the restaurant, with the police soon getting involved. 

Ice Poseidon and his crew were arrested and detained by the local authorities and shortly after faced the possibility of up to five years of jail time in Thailand. However, while the charges were soon dropped, they had their visas extended for a mandatory court date. 

Now, almost two months removed from the incident, Ice Poseidon and his crew are allowed to leave Thailand.

Ice Poseidon now allowed to leave Thailand after arrest and potential prison time

“We’re free and we’re able to leave Thailand!” announced Ice Poseidon in a tweet. “Waited two months for court and plead guilty and got lucky with just some fines. Almost had jail time but got very lucky with [a] nice judge.” 

He ended the tweet, “F*** the haters wanting injustice, I hope you’re mad I’ll keep killing it on Kick!” Despite being stuck in Thailand for several months awaiting his court date, Ice Poseidon continued to stream on his Kick channel all the while.

According to his tweet, Ice Poseidon posted the reveal from Tokyo, which means he has presumably already left Thailand.

Previous to his court date, Ice Poseidon posted an apology to his Twitter account, saying, “I did not know the severity of the actions caused, and I was just trying to have fun. I’m sorry.”

Ice Poseidon had also claimed that “horrible things” were done to him and his girlfriend, Kimberly, during their arrest. Saying that they had “sexually harassed Kim while detained” and were “physically assaulted while held by non-police.”