Ice Poseidon “almost dies” as streamer falls off frozen mountain during a blizzard

streamers fall of mountain during a blizzard and "almost die"YouTube/SuspendaS

Streamer Ice Poseidon and a few others nearly died after climbing a frozen mountain in Japan during a raging blizzard.

During a recent live stream, Ice Poseidon, SuspendaS, and Joel3004 were climbing Mount Asahi during a blizzard – a decision that proved to be very dangerous.

The conditions going up the mountain proved to be hazardous as all they could see in front of them was the bright snow, making it difficult to tell where to go during the IRL YouTube broadcast.

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Although the three were streaming, two members of the group lost service during a whiteout, leaving just SuspendaS available to record the treacherous path ahead and the way back.

Streamers almost die filming mountain climb with Ice Poseidon

As the group headed back down, Joel3004 fell down, alarming the group.

“Oh God! Oh my God!” they cried as he literally toppled what appeared to be ten feet down the mountain and couldn’t see due to the weather conditions.

“What if that was an actual mountain cliff, you’d have been dead!” the group warned, concerned for their friend.

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After taking it easy the rest of the way, the trio managed to get back to their base where they regrouped. On Twitter, Ice Poseidon summarized the events.

“We almost died! Had to turn around got lost in a white out for 20 mins and lost service, although my friend Suspendas had service and it was wild,” he said. “My friend Joel fell off a mountain.”

Not deterred, however, the streamer said that he plans on tackling Mount Everest next, but it’s not clear when that will be.

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In any case, the three managed to make it out safely despite the horrific weather.