Kick star Amouranth says Twitch never ‘recognized’ her as the top female streamer

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth with kick and twitch logos behind her

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is praising Kick for being a lot more open with streamers than Twitch and is accusing the latter of never recognizing her as the top female on the platform.

The streamer wars have been heating up for quite some time now with Kick proving to be a nice alternative to the more mainstream Twitch with streamers flocking to it thanks to a better sub-split.

Since its debut earlier this year, Kick has signed some of the biggest names in the streaming world including Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel to a whopping $100M contract and followed this up by acquiring Amouranth.

In a recent interview, Amouranth explained just why the decision to join Kick was so easy and shaded the purple platform in the process for not showing her enough respect for her accomplishments.

Amouranth reveals why Kick is a better platform for streamers

Speaking with NBC, Amouranth referenced how back in 2022, she surged past Pokimane and Valkyrae to become the most-watched female streamer on any platform, but still didn’t get any praise from Twitch.

“I was the top female streamer on Twitch, but they never reached out with any recognition,” the OnlyFans model said.

amouranth poses for camera dressed in red
Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers on any platform.

Amouranth has had quite a controversial Twitch career having been banned multiple times, embracing the hot tub meta, and pushing the boundaries on what is and isn’t acceptable on the site.

However, for her, it’s Twitch’s lack of communication that pushed her to join Kick, claiming that from the very start, the site has been very communicative with her.

“Kick is open from the beginning and communicative. They are open to hearing suggestions. There are decision-makers available for creators to discuss about the platform’s future,” the streamer praised.

Amouranth’s hot tub streams helped her rise to the top of Twitch.

The platform has also been open about streamers it has yet to sign. For instance, fans have long been demanding that Dr Disrespect join Kick, but in a recent interview, one of the site’s bosses implied that Doc’s $50M contract request was too steep.

It’s anyone’s guess who the next big name to compete for a streaming contract will be, but if they value the same things Amouranth does, there’s a good chance that their new home will be on Kick.