Kick’s new mobile app already has an advantage over Twitch

Dylan Horetski
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Kick’s newly launched mobile app already has an advantage over Twitch, as fans have learned the platform is offering cheaper subs on the app than Twitch does.

Months after its initial launch, Trainwreck’s new streaming platform Kick officially has a mobile app for streamers and viewers to enjoy.

Released in the early morning of March 27, fans of the budding platform quickly began to check out the features of the newly released app.

In doing so, fans found that Kick has given the new app an advantage over Twitch by offering lower prices than the Amazon-owned site’s mobile app.

Kick doesn’t charge users app store tax

When it comes to apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, any transactions done in the app are subject to a 30% fee.

Twitch recoups that money by raising sub prices on the mobile app, turning their $4.99 tier-one subs into $5.99 — a dollar more on mobile than on the website.

Just hours after the Kick mobile app launched on iOS, fans realized the platform’s advantage over Twitch. Instead of charging its mobile users more money, the growing platform has instead opted to bypass the app store entirely by making users add a payment method inside of the app.

Twitch isn’t the only platform to pass the app store fees onto the customer, as Elon Musk decided to do it with the latest rendition of Twitter Blue.

On the web, a month of Twitter Blue is only $8 while iOS and Android apps charge the customer $11 a month.

It’s unlikely that this will affect how much creators earn from their subs, as Kick is likely not being charged an app store fee for transactions.

We’ve reached out to Kick and Train for clarification and will update you if either of them responds.

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