KEEMSTAR slams YouTube “mob” culture as he retires from DramaAlert

keemstar talking about retiring from dramaalert and youtubeYouTube: DramaAlert

YouTube commentator Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem announced that he is retiring from his DramaAlert show, claiming that he is tired of hate mobs and that it’s “sad” and “pathetic.”

On October 25, the 39-year-old shocked the internet with a tweet that read “I am retiring, full statement later today.”

Many assumed it to be a joke or a troll, but just a day later on October 26, he uploaded a DramaAlert video titled “Retired” and in it, explained he doesn’t find YouTube “fun” anymore because of “mob” culture and revealed that he really is leaving the platform.

KEEMSTAR retiring from DramaAlert and YouTube

“What is up, DramaAlert Nation? I’m your host, Killer KEEMSTAR… And I quit,” the host began. “It’s been almost 14 years that I have been a YouTuber… And quite frankly, I’m not having fun anymore. Recently, things have changed quite a bit.”

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He explained what led to this point. “It started around the time of the pandemic. There was a shift in the culture where cancel culture became this overpowering thing and people went after YouTubers’ sponsors, really trying to just ruin them financially, and that caused everyone to stop speaking their minds, a walking, talking, commercial.”

“What happens is, when nobody speaks their mind and everyone’s a commercial, there’s not really that much entertainment. In entertainment, you need drama,” the personality continued. “Think of the Avengers without drama, think of them without a bad guy. You need some back and forth, you need some battles, you need conflict.”

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KEEMSTAR explains how YouTube has changed

keemstar hosting dramaalertYouTube: DramaAlert
KEEMSTAR has hosted DramaAlert since 2009.

The YouTube star opened up about how he feels YouTube has changed for the worst, stating that there’s no sense of “community” on the platform anymore.

“We’re not knit together like we used to be. And a part of the problem is we don’t have a flourishing commentary community,” he said. “So you’re left with the tea channels. And the tea channels have no credibility. Caught lying, bullying, harassing YouTubers nonstop. There are so many of them that they kind of control the narrative. It’s just a giant mess of not fun.”

“And then back in the day, I had a fan base that subscribed to my channel and they would go to their sub box and be like, “Oh, a new DramaAlert.” But then YouTube changed,” he continued. “You’ve got to turn the bell on if you want notifications for this channel. Then they added another layer. If you want notifications you have to select the All button. So that was the third stage of trying to separate their creator from their fan base.”

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What’s next for KEEMSTAR and DramaAlert?

The YouTuber revealed that his last video on the DramaAlert channel will be uploaded on his 40th birthday, on March 8, 2022, because he wants enough time to find a new host. “The reason I wanted to announce my retirement now is so I can find my replacement,” he said.

“The number one comment I get when I talk about me retiring or me leaving DramaAlert is “Just like Ray William Johnson, remember when he had someone else on his show and it died? It’s gonna be the same!” I get it. We have now until the end of March to find someone that you like. I think it’s very possible. Maybe it’s multiple people hosting, I don’t know.”

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“This show that I love so much has become kind of a prison. Everything has a start and an end. And for me, being the daily 24/7 host here on DramaAlert, that end has come,” KEEMSTAR finished. “I want to thank you guys for sticking with me for all these 14 years. Thank you for letting me keep you in the loop.”