Kanye West’s bizarre sabbatical goes viral on Twitter: “No nut November on steroids”

YouTube: Nick Cannon/Twitter

Kanye West has revealed he’s going on a “verbal fast” for a month but hinted at staying on Twitter, which has brought about some interesting reactions. 

Over the last few weeks, West has found himself under severe scrutiny for comments he’s made toward the Jewish community – with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian labeling it as “hate speech.”

The Chicago-born rapper has received multiple bans from Twitter and Instagram over his posts, he’s lost his Yeezy deal with Adidas, been dropped by his agency, and cut ties with Def Jam Records.

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While some users have campaigned for him to receive a permanent ban from Twitter, West’s account is back active as of early November. And, as a result, he’s using it to inform fans of a “cleanse” that he’s going on. 

Kanye West goes viral with November sabbatical tweet

On November 3, the 45-year-old stated that he is “not talking to nooobody for a month” as he laid out his plans for the next 30 days. 

“I’m taking a 30-day cleanse. A verbal fast. No alcohol, no adult films, no intercourse. In God we praise, Amen,” West posted. “But my Twitter still lit.”

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The post took on a life of its own, racking up over 250,000 likes at the time of writing, as well as over 16,000 replies. While some fans were supportive of West’s move, not everyone took it too seriously.

“This basically just no nut November on steroids,” said one, referring to the viral NNN trend. “Hello Mr. West, the caption technically means you WILL be talking to people,” said another. “Next time people stop talking to me cause I say some unhinged s**t I’m also gonna call it a verbal fast,” commented another.

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West has already posted 11 times since putting out his post about a cleanse, so his Twitter clearly isn’t going anywhere – unless he gets banned again.

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