Kanye West deletes Twitter and Instagram accounts after weeks of controversy

Calum Patterson

US recording artist and fashion designer Kanye West has deactivated both his Twitter and Instagram pages, following weeks of controversial posts and public appearances.

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The Hip-Hop legend re-emerged on Twitter earlier in 2018, and immediately made headlines for his support of conservative politician Candace Owens, and later explaining he “loves” US president Donald Trump.

His recent album rollout came amid plenty of fuss stirred up by an appearance on TMZ, where he stated slavery “sounds like a choice to me”, and doubled down on his support of Trump.

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He then announced, again via Twitter, that he would be releasing another album entitled ‘YANDHI’, following his performance on Saturday Night Live – where he made yet another speech, explaining both his political and philosophical ideas.

The album never came, instead being delayed until November 23, as West made more controversial comments on Twitter, including calling for the abolishment of the 13th amendment, which he later clarified, saying he meant to say “amend”, not abolish.

As the 21 time grammy winner heads out to Africa to finish his upcoming album, he has now completely deactivated his Twitter and Instagram, perhaps turning his full attention to his music.

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After his controversial posts and appearance on SNL, other stars including Lana Del Rey, Snoop Dogg and more hit out at Kanye for his comments.

SNL cast member Pete Davidson also spoke about the musician on the latest episode, saying that “Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass.”

Kanye recently spoke out against the psychological impact of social media, revealing that he had spoken to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey about removing likes and followers from the platform.

He previously deactivated his accounts in 2017, before returning in April 2018, so he may be gone for now, but Ye will no doubt be back.