Mizkif on why Kai Cenat deserves streamer of the year: “The dude is an entertainer”

mizkif kaicenatTwitch: Mizkif/ KaiCenat

In a recent stream, OTK founder Mizkif stated his reasoning for why he believes Kai Cenat deserves Streamer of the Year for 2022.

Kai Cenat has seen a meteoric rise as a streamer in 2022. The streamer gained mass popularity on Twitch, with an average viewership of 60,000 across 2022 according to TwitchTracker. With a variety of Just Chatting, gaming, and reactionary content, Kai Cenat has enthralled Twitch viewers. His incredible rise to the top has caused him to be nominated for the Streamer of the Year award.

Alongside Kai stands Hasanabi, xQc, and Jerma985 as other potential nominees for the prestigious award. However, OTK founder Mizkif has stated on his stream why he believes Kai Cenat deserves it over the others, and how Kai is “not even close to someone else”.

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Whilst submitting his own votes for the Streamer Awards of 2022, Mizkif eventually made it to the final category, the highlight of the event, Streamer of the Year. When prompted with who he would vote with, he began explaining his reasoning for each streamer.

After going through his options, Mizkif announced to his viewers that he believes “Kai was the best streamer of 2022”.

Mizkif went on to explain his reasoning for his choice. He was also sure to defend his opinion that higher viewership did not mean better streamer.

“Kai has not only elevated himself, he elevated an entire new community to Twitch. It’s just the truth, he f*** did. Kai has also done more content, puts in more work.”

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He made sure to appreciate and compliment Cenat for his ability to entertain his audience.

“Kai actually is an entertainer, unlike a lot of streamers. You could actually put Kai into a room with somebody, and he’ll actually be able to make it entertaining when a lot of streamers would hurdle up into a ball and cry. The dude is an entertainer at the end of the day, he is.”

It’s uncertain who will take the prestigious title for the year 2022. However, we won’t know until the Streamer Awards premiere on March 11, 2023, when the winner will be revealed.

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