Kai Cenat banned on Twitch after eating edibles and passing out on stream

Virginia Glaze

Popular streamer Kai Cenat has been banned on Twitch days after eating edibles during a live broadcast and passing out in front of thousands of viewers.

Kai Cenat is one of Twitch’s most-subscribed content creators, beating out names like xQc to become the site’s most-subbed broadcaster in 2022.

Since then, Kai has taken over the platform, collaborating with major celebrities like rapper Blueface and even other big internet stars like The Sidemen.

However, the streamer was suddenly banned from Twitch on January 26, 2023, and fans still aren’t sure why.

Although no official reason for the ban has yet been given, this latest news does follow a broadcast where Kai passed out on stream after imbibing edibles on January 24.

Twitch’s Community Guidelines do contain rules against drug use on stream, stating that “dangerous consumption of alcohol or other substances that lead to being incapacitated” falls under its “self-destructive behavior” protocols.

Kai Cenat speaks out after sudden Twitch ban

Kai has since spoken out about his ban in a light-hearted tweet, joking that he was “banned before subathon, I haven’t even been live. GG.”

For now, it’s unclear how long Kai’s ban will last, but it looks like he’ll have to do the subathon at a later date.

This is a developing story…

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