Kai Cenat denies having sexual act performed on him during Twitch subathon

kai cenat in twitch streamTwitch: KaiCenat

Kai Cenat has denied having a sexual act performed on him during his Twitch subathon after a clip went viral that made many viewers suspicious.

Kai has become one of the biggest stars on Twitch in recent months, earning himself a huge record of over 200k subscribers during his ongoing subathon, and often having the most viewers on the platform whenever he’s live.

During his subathon, though, with absolutely everything being broadcast, viewers get to see a lot more than from any other usual stream.

In fact, on February 22, some viewers thought they had got way more than they bargained for, with some believing it looked like Kai was having a sex act performed on him mid-stream, in a clip that has since been deleted from Kai’s channel.

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A while later, Kai saw the clip starting to go viral and decided to address it, saying that the woman wasn’t actually performing any kind of act on him but instead rubbing his thigh.

He re-enacted what she was doing, rubbing above his knee, but said his viewers “won’t believe him” or would “call it cap.”

Obviously, if there was actually an act being performed, Kai would be at serious risk of receiving a ban from Twitch, though his explanation may do enough as there is no clear evidence that Kai was doing something untoward.

Kai’s subathon is tipped to last two whole months, and he’s already risked a ban by calling banned streamer iShowSpeed, so he’ll definitely want to be cautious moving forward to make sure the subathon doesn’t get cut short.

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