Kai Cenat moved to tears after surpassing xQc as Twitch’s second most-subbed streamer

Sam Comrie
an image of kai cenat on twitchTwitch: Kai Cenat

Following months of anticipation, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has finally surpassed xQc as the platform’s second most-subbed streamer.

Kai Cenat’s career has seen some significant milestones over the last few months. Growing his streaming presence rapidly, the content creator has curated a legion of passionate followers across his social media profiles.

The streamer has been close behind Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel when it comes to subs and now, Cenat has added a new landmark achievement to his career.

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He has officially surpassed xQc on Twitch, sharing a celebratory moment with his followers.

Kai Cenat calls his mom after reaching Twitch milestone over xQc

During his September 23 livestream, Kai Cenat watched as his subscriber count continued to increase alongside his loyal fans. With only a few hundred subs left to close the gap to 80,000, Cenat finally reached his goal.

After having celebrated his previous achievements with his brother, Cenat kept the celebrations close to home, as he called his mom to share the moment.

“Hold on my mom’s calling me,” Cenat said in excitement. Cenat’s mom answered swiftly: “Congratulations son! You’re number one.”

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“You’re number one…I kept hearing my notifications and when I looked you was like 79,” his mom explained to a visibly tearful Cenat.

“I love you so much. Babe I’m so proud of you, you’re number one and you’re my son. And I’m so happy to be your mom and I just want to let the world know that you’ve been working hard like for a long time.”

With Cenat moved to tears, his mom continued to emphasize that “my son works harder, he’s a grinder. Every day, every night and he gives me the world.”

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Currently Brazilian streamer Casimito sits atop the Twitch subscriber charts, with over 135,000 and counting. Though if Cenat continues with this momentum, that could change too.

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