K-Pop band BTS becomes one of first accounts followed by Twitter

Theo Salaun
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Twitter’s official account decided to follow its platform’s first users and, in a move that made millions of fans happy, decided to give one of their first follows to a K-Pop superstar boy band: BTS.

BTS, or the Bangtan Boys, have seven members and countless fans, or stans, across the world. The BTS ARMY seems to grow larger every single day and now can count Twitter’s official account among its latest recruits.

With over 59 million followers, Twitter’s official account has some popularity itself (the platform, meanwhile, has over 300 million users). While the account’s ratio was an absurd zero following, 59-plus million followers, the “Blue Bird” decided to change that and add to their feed a little.

After asking the masses who they should make their very first followed accounts, a stan account with under 1,000 followers suggested BTS. The account quickly took that advice, making the K-Pop supergroup one of its only nine accounts followed (and becoming one of the boys’ 33-plus million followers in the process).

If you’ve spent any time at all on Twitter, chances are that you’ve seen mention of BTS. Most prominently, you’ve likely seen “fan cam” montages of the members or the entire group. Even if you mute “BTS” or “K-Pop,” there’s no guarantee you can avoid their avid fandom as the so-named ARMY will share content from their favorite members, no matter the context.

And, yes, that content isn’t always about singing. Sometimes it’s just footage of two members treating their plushies differently, as in a video of Jimin and Jungkook that has been viewed over a million times on Twitter.

By following BTS, Twitter both gets to enjoy some of the boy band’s content directly from them — while simultaneously supporting possibly the most popular group on the entire platform. But it should be known that this is no play for clout, as BTS are the only verified account that Twitter is following.

Of the nine accounts Twitter decided to follow, BTS are the only ones with over one million followers. The rest are composed of five individuals (a couple who are fan accounts themselves), one nonprofit animal shelter and, in a relatable move, two dog accounts — one for a Corgi and one for a Shih Tzu.

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