“HE DID IT” trends on Twitter as Ranboo’s Minecraft stream breaks Twitch records

ranboo twitch minecraftTwitch, @RanbooLive / Twitch / Mojang Studios

In just 30 minutes, Ranboo, a Minecraft YouTuber and DreamSMP participant, broke numerous Twitch records (including most subscribers), raised thousands of dollars for charity and began trending on Twitter.

Dream’s survival multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server has been taking over YouTube and Twitch over the past several months and is showing no signs of slowing down. With popular content creators like Dream, TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound enjoying massive popularity — Ranboo is the latest to join them by dominating Twitch and Twitter.

In the name of the Trevor Project, a mental health nonprofit for LGBTQ youths, Ranboo looked to conduct a record-breaking stream. And, within minutes, he shattered the records he started the day off intending to eventually break.

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After half an hour of streaming, Ranboo had broken the record for Twitch subscribers, subscribers by a Minecraft streamer and subscribers by a “faceless” streamer (as he is known for his trademark black and white mask). Quickly, his fans flooded out from Twitch and onto Twitter to rejoice in his success.

With Dream himself donating over 1,000 Twitch subs, Ranboo’s stream has continued to be the hottest channel on Twitch, even after breaking the original records he intended to. At the time of writing, Ranboo is flying toward a new world record: most subscribers in a single day.

Cracking the record for subs in just 30 minutes, the stream hasn’t let up and fans are continuing to support both Ranboo and the Trevor Project. After reaching over 60K subs and $20K raised in the first half hour, those numbers have surpassed 80K and $50K in the hour since.

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Simply ecstatic, the YouTuber’s fans have brought attention to his success across social media — including tweets about just how proud they are of him for having achieved so much success so quickly.

Having started streaming in September 2020, these record-breaking numbers are downright outlandish. But it’s hard to be surprised when met face-to-face with the passion of Ranboo’s fans, who do everything from tweeting capslocked support to drawing touching fan art.

At the time of writing, just an hour or two into his stream, Ranboo has already flown by 82K subscribers total and 25K subs on the day. 

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Apparently, the all-time records for each of those are around 29K and 100K — meaning more records may get broken and more money may get raised for charity.

For all we know, “HE DID IT (AGAIN)” may start trending on Twitter later today.