Marc D’Amelio roasts Charli superfan who asked to date her on Twitter

Published: 21/Feb/2021 23:20

by Julian Young


A Charli D’Amelio superfan has been left red-faced on Twitter after he tried to ask the TikTok superstar out on a date, only to be brutally shut down at every turn by the internet celebrity’s hilarious dad, Marc.

The D’Amelio sisters — Dixie and Charli — have become two of TikTok’s biggest superstars, and have amassed over 150 million followers (combined) since they started creating short-form content on the platform.

They’ve also accumulated a dedicated fan-base, although some fans don’t always agree with how the two live their lives.

Despite some bumps in the road, the sisters generally enjoy interacting with their passionate supporters. One extremely hopeful fan — looking to score a date with Charli by asking her father for permission — ended up getting shut down by Marc D’Amelio and roasted by the internet in the process.

On February 20, a Twitter user by the name of ‘Rogan Bode’ tweeted at Charli’s father, Marc. Getting straight to the point, he asked superstar’s dad “Can I date your daughter?”

Despite being straightforward, Marc did not appear entertained by the fan’s blunt request. “You mean may I date your daughter?” he responded, pointing out the grammatical error in Bode’s tweet, and then told the fan to “Try again.”

Even after that response, the fan seemed unbothered and tried again (using proper grammar this time): “May I date your daughter?” Despite the wording, the fan was still rejected, and Charli’s father responded with a simple “No.”

Another rejection didn’t stop Bode from trying again.

He tweeted back at Marc and said “Please. If you look at my TikTok you can see how nice of a guy I am Marc.” Charli’s father did not appreciate that response either, and blasted him again: “Marc? We are on a first-name basis? Try again.”

Even after facing rejection a third time, the fan was not ready to give up. “Mr. D’Amelio. I would be honored to drive down to LA. Meet the D’Amelio family. And take Charli on a romantic first date. Is that alright with you?”

Unfortunately, Charli’s father didn’t think his final effort was worth a response, and simply chose not to reply. In Marc’s absence, other Twitter users took to flaming the fan over his rejections.

“[He’s] down real bad,” one user joked.

Another replied “Man you messed up big time,” and a third user speculated the whole exchange was an attempt to gain a bit of internet clout: “Man is desperate for some TikTok fame.” Another user pointed out that Bode’s profile included photoshopped images of himself with Charli, which probably didn’t help his case.

Unfortunately for the eager fan, he not only missed out on a date with Charli, but will have to deal with the internet roasting him over the hilarious attempts to convince Marc to give him a chance with his daughter.


Jake Paul mocks Conor McGregor & Khabib ahead of Ben Askren fight

Published: 23/Feb/2021 17:52

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTube star turned amateur boxer Jake Paul is once again calling out Conor McGregor and even reigning UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in a new video ahead of his April 17 fight against Ben Askren.

Paul has been relentless in his pursuit of securing a boxing match against the Irishman McGregor, frequently challenging him in videos, making fight offers and videos mocking the UFC veteran.

On February 23, the YouTuber took things a step further by bringing McGregor’s rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov, into the mix, mocking the Russian and his mannerisms.

In the short video, Paul impersonates McGregor, Khabib and Askren in a series of sketches to promote his April 17 bout.

Jake Paul poses with a boxing championship belt.
Jake Paul has become a force in the boxing community.

In the first part of the clip, Jake puts on his best Irish accent and pretends to be McGregor having a phone call with UFC President Dana White after his loss to Dustin Poirier.

“Dana, I’m sorry I lost, mate. I bought this fooking Lamborghini though,” he joked.

Next, he pretended to be Khabib while wearing his signature Papakha doing a press conference in the wake of McGregor’s loss at UFC 257.

“This is what happens when you spar little kids, okay? I spar back,” he said in his best Russian accent. “Conor McGregor must respect gym. Conor McGregor no respect gym.”

In perhaps his best skip, Paul put on an afro-style wig and a “Vote for Pedro” shirt combining both Ben Askren and Napoleon Dynamite.

“I just got back from my hip surgery, now I’m going to fight Jake Paul for a bunch of money. I’m going to invest all of it into Siacoin,” the YouTuber mocked.

Askren, however, didn’t take too kindly to the video and didn’t even think it was worth all the effort. In a quote tweet, the 36-year-old called the video “average work at best.”

“The guy has a full-time production staff and he can’t come up with anything better???” Askren asked to the tune of a whopping three question marks.

Knowing Jake, this won’t be the last time he takes aim at Askren ahead of their fight. We’ll have to see if he can walk the walk after all this trash talk when the two step into the ring on April 17.