JustAMinx responds to viral clip arguing with family on stream

JustaminxYouTube: Just a Minx

JustAMinx has responded to a viral clip showing the streamer arguing with her family after her broadcast from Ireland ended abruptly.

JustAMinx has continued to make headlines over the last few months regarding issues varying from her house getting broken into, being drugged during a night out with friends, and even costing QTCinderella $50,000 by getting The Streamer Awards afterparty shut down.

Minx has since traveled back home to Ireland to be with her family and addressed her drinking habits in her first broadcast since the Streamer Awards.

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A clip showing Minx arguing with her family went viral on March 21, and the Twitch star has since responded to some of the things she said during the fight.

JustAMinx gets into fight with family on stream

While streaming on Twitch, Minx began arguing with a family member that was standing off-camera. The Twitch star got up from where she was sitting, knocking over the camera she was using in the process.

During the argument, Twitch chat urged Minx to end her broadcast, writing that it wasn’t the “time or place” to confront the family member.

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Most of the comments made on the stream are hard to understand, but toward the end, Minx said, “You like f*ckin’ little men” – which some fans took as a suggestion of inappropriate activities with minors.

The video went viral on Twitter shortly after the stream ended, and Minx was quick to respond to comments about the claims she made about her sister.

“Americans are so soft,” she said in one tweet, while in another, she made it clear that the allegations she made toward her sister are not real.

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Others replied to her comments, claiming that it’s “normal” for folks in the UK to use the term “p*do” in arguments.

Minx also revealed that she will be making a video about the situation, presumably to explain the context behind what started the viral argument.

We’ll have to wait till that’s uploaded to find out more about the situation, but in the meantime, you can head over to our entertainment section for more news and other viral stories.

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